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How do I order a cake?

You can either make a website inquiry or email me to begin the process. Include the type of event, size of cake and any design ideas you may have. The communication will be through email or via phone calls.  You will receive several idea sketches with price quotes before settling on a final design.  If you prefer a consultation in person see information below.

Is there a minimum price for wedding cake orders?

There is a $1000 minimum for wedding cake orders. This includes delivery and set up at the venue. There is an additional charge if the venue is outside our 30 mile radius. All wedding cakes must be delivered and set up by Flour & Fondant.

What is involved in an in-person consultation?

A few preliminary designs will be drawn up based on information provided by the client. A meeting will be arranged, lasting about 1 hour, where a basic design will be finalized. A final sketch will be emailed to you for confirmation prior placing the order.  If cake samples are needed make sure to browse the Menu and provide a few preferences.  There is a $60 consultation fee which will be applied towards the final price of your cake if an order is placed.

How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

Give yourself at least four weeks advance on ordering a cake. The design process takes time and the actual construction of cake elements may take weeks.  For large, complex cakes or weddings three months advance ordering is advisable. There is a $75 rush fee for orders made less than a week in advance.

Does Flour & Fondant deliver?

Pick-up of the cake is preferred. Although, if it is a wedding cake delivery is required. Please feel free to contact me for delivery arrangements.

How much does a cake cost?

Because each design is unique each cake is priced differently. There is a general guideline on the Menu.

Can you make your cakes allergy free?

I can! While my kitchen is not strictly allergy free, I can make a variety of cakes dairy, casein, gluten, or nut free. The fillings currently are limited to a dairy-free, gluten-free buttercream. There may be price differences that can be discussed upon ordering.

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Do you make your cakes from scratch?

All my cakes and frostings listed on the Menu and 100% natural. I always use fresh, real ingredients and you will taste the difference.  Okay, Red Velvet is an exception. Yikes, all that red. I am currently working on a new recipe more reminiscent of the original using beet juice coloring. Stay tuned Red Velvet lovers!

How long does it take to make a cake?

I put about 15-20 hours into a cake depending on complexity. I know it is a lot but I wouldn’t do it any other way. Good things take time!

Is everything on your cakes edible?

Yes, technically. I do use a high quality fondant, imported from Switzerland, which is the main covering for all my cakes. This is the best tasting fondant I have worked with. It is meant to be eaten, but people may easily remove it and leave it to the side. I use a gum paste for various floral and modeled elements. This dries brittle and chalky. It is essentially sugar dough but not very palatable. All colorings used are FDA approved “edible” with the exception of the gold and silver highlight colors. These are approved for use on food but not recommended to eat. Bottom line, yes, you can!

Are you a licensed?

Yes, Flour & Fondant is licensed in Illinois state to conduct business and licensed in Woodford county by the Heath Department. We have received a score of 100 (which is good!) at every inspection!

I have another question…

Please contact Flour & Fondant directly for any additional question.